Eurofins Optimed


Eurofins Optimed

Eurofins Optimed is the expertise center of the Eurofins group for all steps of your Clinical Trials.

Eurofins Optimed has led hundreds of clinical studies on behalf of the pharmaceutical and agro-food industries, with the aid of:

  • A Clinical Pharmacology Unit for Phase I studies
  • An international investigator network
  • A stable and experienced clinical and medical team
  • A monitoring team
  • Data Management, Statistics and Medical Writing services

Thanks to its experience, Eurofins Optimed has developed expertise, in terms of organization & management of clinical studies, medical writing and regulatory management.

Consequently, Eurofins Optimed can support you at each step of your clinical trial.

Eurofins key benefits

  • More than 400 sites in 42 countries
  • A complete range of services in drug, food and medical device development
  • Well-recognized expertise in early drug development and in food research
  • Stable team with 30 years of experience
  • An efficient recruitment policy for the best respect of timelines

Our expertise

Thanks to its team and organization, Eurofins Optimed supports you at each step of your trial:


Whatever service you need, your satisfaction is the cornerstone of EurofinsOptimed’s Quality System.
The Quality Assurance policy in force at Eurofins Optimed will ensure that your clinical trials are performed with high levels of accuracy, reproducibility, and security, in compliance with the applicable regulations and guidelines:

  • All studies can be presented in Europe and in the USfor drug, nutrition, and medical device applications.
  • Compliance with international standards : FDA, EMA, ICH, EFSA
  • 21 CFR part 11

Optimed team

MD, Msc, Clinical Pharmacologist
President, CEO & Medical Director.
MD, Head of Clinical Trials
Early development.
PhD, Nutrition Adviser
Quality Assurance Manager
Head of Project Management
Stéphanie VIGIER
Head of Clinical Data Department
Data Management, Statistics & Medical Writing

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